Politics IX A, B, C, D

1. In your opinion what are the main challenges to ‘ Indian Democracy’ and give your suggestions to overcome these challenges.

2. What are the merits of ‘ Democracy’.? Is democracy suitable to all nations?. Give your comments.


Ms Amudha Devi, PGT (History)

Mathematics IX A, B, C, D

  1. Locate √26 on the number line.
  2. Define an irrational number.
  3. Ex-1.2 Q no. 3
  4. Find the decimal expansion of 2/7 & 7/8.
  5. Show that 2.2323….. can be expressed in the form p/q.
  6. Ex-1.3 Q no. 5
  7. Ex 1.3 Q no. vii & ix
  8. Ex-1.5 Q no. 5 iv
  9. Represent √7.9 on the number line
  10. Visualise 4.345 on the number line
  11. Find 3 irrational numbers between 2/7 & 5/7

Don’t forget to do the project which is already assigned to you.

Date of submission: 24/06/2013

Mrs Tessy Jimmy, TGT (Maths)

Chemistry IX B, C

1.Why is ice at 273 K more effective in cooling than water at the same temperature?

2.What are the characteristics of particles of matter?

3.Liquids generally have lower density as compared to solids.But you must have observed that ice floats on water.Why?

4.For any substance why does the temperature remain constant during the change of state?


Ms Saritha.R.S

Date of submission: 26/06/2013

Hindi IX

1 . बीस मुहावरे , अर्थ और वाक्य लिखिए ( आँख , नाक , सिर , कान , पैर , हाथ
     आदि से संबधित )
2 . पत्र की एक एक उदाहरण लिखिए -
      निमंत्रण  पत्र  , बधाई  पत्र  , प्रधानाचार्य को पत्र , संपादक  के नाम पर पत्र ।
3 . कवि परिचय चित्र  के साथ लिखिए – ( पाँच आधुनिक कवियाँ  )
4 . किसी एक विषय के बारे में निबंध लिखिए ।
     1 . विधार्थी के जीवन में इंडरनेट की  भूमिका ।
     2 . किसी एक त्योहार ।
     3 . पुस्तकालय का महत्व ।
     4 . विज्ञान की देन ।
5 . एक वचन और बहुवचन  का बीस  उदाहरण चित्र के साथ दिखाना ।
6 . दस पर्यायवाची शब्द चित्र के साथ ।
Ms Muthulekshmi, TGT (Hindi)

Maths IX D

Mrs.V P Susheela TGT Maths
Date of submission: 27 June 2011
1. Find 5 rational numbers between 1 & 2.
2. FInd the two rational numbers between 1/3 and 1/2
                           2                       2
3. Is ( 5+ )  +  ( 5 - )    a rational number ? Justify
4. Write the following number in decimal form :
a) 17/90
b) 1/370
5. Convert the following into a rational number ( p/q ) form :
a) 0.18
b) 0.037
6. Simplify the following surd :
a)    _________30_______
       5 -     3\scriptstyle \sqrt {5}
7. Simplify and express with positive indices :
 a) 3 raised  1/4  divided by 27 raised to 2/3
b) 9 raised to 3/2 divided by (243) raised to -2/3

Art Education IX-X

Mr. Rajeev Ranjan, Art Tr.

Date of submission: 27 June 2011

  1. Draw & compose Basic Shapes in 3D form by using pencil shading.
  2. Draw & compose simple drawing of fruit or vegetable with pencil shading.
  3. Draw a Landscape showing Natural scene from your nearby place and colour it.
  4. Draw 50 pencil sketch of anything on A4 size paper.
  5. Draw primary and secondary colour wheel and colour it with Poster Colour.
  6. Make any Craft work which is decorative and use full by using waste material at your home.

English IX C


Mrs. K. A.Salina Bloson, TGt(Eng)

Group Project:
Topic :Child Labour( based on the lesson in MCB-Children)
(introduction, problems faced in the recent times, reasons for it,
remedies for the same and conclusion
-Surveys,interviews,news paper cuttings, letters to editors and
concerned authorities,notices,slogans, posters, awareness programmes
etc to be included)
Holiday Homework: ‘A kind deed can change even a hardened heart’.
Write a letter to your friend illustrating this statement with
reference to the play ‘The Bishop’s candle sticks’

Maths IX A,B,C,D



Q.1- E, F, G, H are respectively the mid points of the sides of a parallelogram ABCD . show that

                2ar (EFGH)=ar(ABCD)

Q.2- The diagonals of a parallelogram ABCD intersect at O. a line through O meets AB at P and                CD at, show that ar(APQD)=1/2ar(parallelogramABCD).

Q.3-P is the point in the interior of the parallelogram ABCD , show that ar(APB)+ar(CPD)=ar(APD)+ar(BPC)

Q.4- ABCD is a quadrilateral and BE parallel AC and BE meets DC produced at E. show that ar(triangle DE)=ar(quad.ABCD).

Q.5-ABCD is a trapezium .ABparallel DC.A line parallel to AC intersects AB at X and BC at Y. prove that ar (triangleADX)=ar(triangleACY).

Q.6-Distance of a chord AB of a circle from the centre is 12cm and length of  a chord is 10cm. Find the diameter of the circle.

Q.7-PQ and RS are two parallel chords of a circle on the same side of centre O and radius is 10cm. if PQ=16cm and RS =12cm.find distance between the chords.

Q.8- A line L intersects two concentric circles at A ,B,C and D .Prove that AB=CD. 

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Maths IXC

Date of submission- 3/1/2011

Mrs.Sreekumar R, PGT Mathematics


Principle of mathematical induction

Prove the following by using principle of mathematical induction-

    1. =-1)/2

    2. 1.2.3 + 2.3.4 + …+ n(n+1)(n+2) =[n(n+1)(n+2)(n+3)]/4.

    3. 1.2 + 2.3 + 3.4 + …+ n(n+1) =[n(n+1)(n+2)]/3.

    4. n(n+1)(n+5) is a multiple of 3.

    5. (2n+7)< .

    Linear inequalities

    Solve the inequalities-






    Binomial Theorem

    1. Find a, b and n in the expansion of if the first three terms of the expansion are 729,7290,30375, respectively.
    2. Find a if the coefficients of and in the expansion of are equal.
    3. Evaluate .
    4. If a and b are distinct integers, prove that a-b is a factor of - , whenever n is a positive integer.
    5. Find an approximation of .

    Physics IX A,B,C,D

    Date of submission:  4/1/2011

    Mrs.K C Usha Devi, TGT Biology

    Chapter: Sound


    1. What is the nature of sound waves?
    2. Can sound travel through vacuum?
    3. What are transverse waves? Give 2 examples.
    4. Name the charecteristics of a sound.
    5. Why are sound waves called mechanical waves?
    6. How does loudness change on increasing the  amplitude of sound?

    English IX

    Mrs. K.A Salina Bloson
    Date of submission :08-11-10

    You are ‘ Professor ‘ in the story’The Man Who Knew Too Much’ .Writea
    diary entry after your first day at the cook house, describing the
    events that led to this assignment ,expressing your thoughts and
    feelings about the events of the day in about 175 words..

    English IX

    Mrs. K.A Salina Bloson

    Date of submission :25-10-10

    1.Prepare a speech for the debate on the topic ‘ Teenage is the best age in one’s life’


    2.Shakespeare compares life to a drama in which each man plays seven roles.Now compare life with seasons in nature and write an article based on it.


    3. Write  two articles  for the school magazine (essays,short stories,poems,interesting facts,book reviews,travelogues etc.select two or three)