English, VI A, B, C, D

Chapter : How the dog found himself a master A house, A Home         


Home work:


·       Make a list of twenty collective nouns with suitable, colourful pictures.

·         Write a paragraph on ‘My Home’
INPUTS : Short description of home (whether old/new)

o   Whether singe storeyed/double storeyed
Number of rooms
Whether there is a garden
The members of the house
Do they help, love each other? 
Whom do you like best?

o   Do you like your home?

Date of submission: 28/4/13


Ms Jayalakshmi L (TGT Eng)

Ms Salina Blosson (TGT Eng)

Mr Rajan K (TGT Eng)

Ms Clottilda Roach (TGT Eng)

Maths VI A, B, C, D

1 ) Draw Indian Place Value chart. Enter 5 numerals . Write them with commas , and then write number names.

2) Draw International Place value chart . Enter 5 numerals .. Write them with commas , and then write number names .

3)Write 5 numerals and express them as Roman numerals.

4) Write 5 Roman numerals and express them as Hindu Arabic numerals

5) Write properties of whole numbers . Give one example each.


Ms V. P. Suseela, TGT (Maths)

Hindi VI

कक्षा छह के लिए परियोजना ।

1 . किसी त्योहार का सचित्र वर्णन ।
2 . चिडिया से संबन्धित तीन कविताएँ चित्र के साथ ।
3 . दस शब्दों के तीन तीन पर्यायवाची शब्द चित्र के साथ ।
4 . एक वचन बहुवचन के दस उदाहरण चित्र के साथ ।
5 . बीस सुविचार लिखना ।
Ms Muthulekshmi, TGT (Hindi)

Hindi VI

 kxaa CzI             gaRhkaya-

1  hmaara  ivaValaya    ica~ ko saaqa vaNa-na kIijae ,, . 

2 iksaI %yaaohar ka vaNa-na     ica~  ko saaqa  kIijae


Date of submission: 28 June 2011

Science VI C,A

Mrs. Anu Vijayan , PGT (Biotech)              

DATE OF SUBMISSION:29.6.2011     



  1. Name the major nutrients present in our food.
  2. Define deficiency diseases
  3. Define balanced diet.
  4. Name any five foods rich in a) protein b)fat c)starch d)dietary fibre
  5. Write the functions of vitamins and minerals.
  6. A 10 year old boy is having poor vision and hard to see in darkness.How can we cure this problem by changing his diet?
  7. Prepare a diet chart to provide balanced diet to a twelve year old child.The diet chart should include food items which are not expensive and are commonly available in your area.
  8. Does everyone around you get enough food food to eat? If not,why?
  9. What are the ways we can think of to avoid wastage of food?
  10. Find out the names of plants that grow in water and which are eaten as food.

Maths VI A,B,C,D

1) Mrs Cicilykutty Sibi

2) Mrs Tessy Jimmy

3) Mrs V.P. Sushila

4) Mr K.K. Gopi


Date of submission: 28 June 2011



Question : 3

2) How many centimeters make a kilometer

                               3) EXERCISE 1.2

Questions 3 , 7 and 12

4) Estimate 730 + 998

                               5) Estimate 796 – 314

                               6) EXERCISE 1.3

QUESTION :  2 ( subquestions c and d )

Art Education VI-VIII

Mr. Rajeev Ranjan, Art Tr.

Date of submission: 27 June 2011


  1. Draw simple drawing of vegetable, fruits and do pencil shading according to the shape of drawing.
  2. Make a composition of two or three different type of fruit and vegetable and colour it without any shading.
  3. Make primary colour wheel and fill colour with crayon or oil pastels colour.
  4. Make a craft work by using any waste material at your home which is decorative and useful.
  5. Bring minimum 50 pencil sketch of anything.

English VI A


Mrs. Salina Bloson, TGT(Eng)



  1. Preparation of pocket dictionary.
  2. To complete the project ‘Know me better’ based on the lesson ‘Who I am’


  1. Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her to spend the Christmas holidays with     you .
  2. Write a paragraph on any important festival(Eid /x’mas/onam)

Maths VI

Date of submission: 03/01/2010

Mrs. V.P.Susheela, TGT(Maths)

1 .Exercise 5.6

Question. No. 1

2.Exercise 11.3

Question no 5

3. Exercise 12.1

Question no 9 & 12

4. Exercise 12.2

Question no 4

5. Exercise 12.3

Question no 2 & 8

6. Exercise 7.1

Question no 4 & 9

7. Exercise 7.2

Question no 2 & 3

English VI A

Mrs.K.A Salina Bloson
Date of submission :15-11-10

1 Answer the questions  given under working with the text in the
lesson ‘  Who I Am ‘
2 Write a paragraph about yourself bringing out your likes ,dislikes
etc based on the points given in the  lesson Who I Am.

English VI

Mrs. K.A Salina Bloson, TGT(Eng)

Date of submission: 25/10/2010

1. Preparation of scrap book


2.Read the life story of a disabled person who has come up in life. Write the summary of the book.


3. Write  atleast two articles for the class magazine ( short story, poem. essay, travelogue, jokes etc)