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Art Education VII A, B, C, D

Mr Rajeev Ranjan, TGT (Art)

Date of submission: 23 June 2014


· Look and draw 10 pencil sketches on an A 4 size paper.

· Look and draw an illustration showing a human figure.

· Look and draw any object and shade it with pencil.

· Make a craft work by using waste materials like photo frame, wall hanging, pen – pencil holder etc.

Social Science VII A, B, C, D

Mrs. Lathika Devi, TGT (SST)

Mrs. Latha Govindan, TGT (SST)

Mrs. Jolly Joseph, TGT (SST)

Date of submission: 23 June 2014

1.Draw a picture of your ideal environment.

2.Collect the various samples of rocks.

English VII A, B, C, D

Mrs.Clotilda Roach, TGT (Eng) 

Mrs.Salina Bloson, TGT (Eng) 

Mrs.L.Jayalakshmi, TGT (Eng) 

Mr.K.Rajan, TGT (Eng) 

Date of submission: 23 June 2014


1.Write a fable (a story with a moral).

2.Collect any two poems on animals and paste colourful pictures.

3.Write any three proverbs and their explanation.

Hindi VII A, B, C, D

Mrs. Sheela, TGT (Hindi)

Mrs. Maharunnisa TGT (Hindi)

Mrs. Anitha.O TGT (Hindi)

Mrs.Chandrika Kumari, PGT (Hindi)

Date of submission: 23 June 2014

किसी एि वीषय पर निबधं लिखिए
1. नहदयों से िोने वाला लाभ ।
2. वर्ाा त्रध्तु िे बारे में ननबंध।
3. किन्िीं पााँच स्वतंत्रता सेनाननयों िे बारे में िानिारी (गचत्र सहित) ।
4. एि से सौ ति हिन्दीआक्षरों में गिनती ललखखए।
5. बीस पयाायावाची शब्द।
6. बाल मिाभारत िथा से बीस िश्नोत्तर ललखखए (िुंती ति)।

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Maths VII A, B, C, D

Ms Suseela V. P, TGT (Maths)

Date of submission: 23 June 2014


1. Represent the following using one figure each:

a)(+4) x( -2)=-8


2. Write one pair of integer whose

a) Sum is -6

b) Product is -7

c) Difference is -5

3. Verify distributive property

a(b+c)=ab+ac for


Sanskrit VII (S-II)

१.    1 त: 100 पर्यन्तम् संस्कृताक्षरै: लिखत।

२. 15 सुभाषीतानां शेखरणम् लेखनं च ।                                                         

३. किम् शब्दरूपाण।म् त्रिषु लिङ्गेषु रूपाणाम् लेखनं कन्ढस्थीकरणम् च कुरुत।

अध्यापिकाया: नाम- श्रुति. जे.पि.

English, VII A, B, C, D

Chapter : The Desert & The Squirrel

Home work:

1. Collect information about a desert (include details like weather condition, animals, plants, lifestyle of people)

2. Collect and write 3 poems on animals/birds.


Date of submission: 28/4/13


Ms Jayalakshmi L (TGT Eng)

Ms Salina Blosson (TGT Eng)

Mr Rajan K (TGT Eng)

Ms Clottilda Roach (TGT Eng)

Maths, VII A, B, C

Exercise 5.1
Questionnumbers 9,13
Exercise 5.2
Questionnumber 2
1.Draw the lines of a transversal.Mark the points of intersection
2.Prepare the following using match sticks or straw
a)linear pair of angles
b)adjacent angles which are not supplementary
c)intersecting lines and mark the vertically opposite angles
3.Paste any rectangle and find the measures of angles at the 4 vertices made by the intersecting lines

Maths, VI I A, B, C, D

1.Do the folowing operations by using numberlines
   (a) -6 +8          (b)  (-9)  + (-3)      (c) 3 x -4
2.Write down a pair of integers whose
   (a) Sum is -5   (b) Difference is -9    (c) Sum is 0
3.Exercise1.3 ,QNo  1 ,2 ,3 and 5
4.Exercise 1.4  QNo  1,2,3 and 6
5.Find the complement of each of the folowing angles.
  30  ,45, 80 ,35,60 and 40
6.Find the supplement of the folowing angles.
   120 ,35 ,48 ,120 and 69
7.Give two examples each for linear pair of angles and vertically
opposite angles from your surroundings.
8.Exercise 5.1 QNo  3,4,5 and 6.

Mr Gopi K.K., TGT (Maths)

Hindi, VII

१.किसी तीन महात्माओ’ के चित्र के साथ वर्णन/
२.१ से ५० तक गिन्ती/
३.दस विशेशन शब्द चित्र के साथ/
४.राश्त्रिय त्योहर चित्र के सहित/


Ms S. Chandrika, PGT (Hindi)

Ms Muthulekshi, TGT (Hindi)

Ms. Sheela K, TGT(Hindi)

Ms Mehrunnisa, TGT (Hindi)

Ms Anitha O, TGT (Hindi)

Science VII A, B, C, D

1.Collect the pictures of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and stick it in your H.W book.

2.Collect the pictures of insectivores plants and stick it in your H.W book.

3.Draw and label human digestive system and digestive system of ruminants and engulfing of food by Amoeba.

4.Collect the pictures of animals that provide wool and stick it in the notebook (CW).

5.Draw the pictures of various steps of processing fibers into wool on your notebook(CW).

Ms Ushadevi, TGT (Sc)

Ms Susan George, TGT (Sc)


Social Science VII A

Mrs. Latha Govindan (TGT SST)

Date of submission: 28 June 2011



  1. Write a paragraph on Ambedkar or Omprakash Valmiki.


  1. Collect matter and pictures for chart or model for Manipur or Mexico.

Maths VII A,B,C,D

1) Mrs Cicilykutty Sibi

2) Mrs.Tessy Jimmy

3) Mrs.V.P. Sushila

4) Mr.K.K. Gopi


Date of submission: 27 June 2011




Question 9

sub questions : A,C and D


Question 5

sub questions : A,C,D,E and G

Question 8


Question 1

sub questions : E,G and H

Question 6

Science VII A

Mrs. Usha Devi (TGT Bio)

Date of submission: 27 / 6 / 2011



  1. What are villi? What is their location and function?
  2. Where is bile produced? Which component of the food does it help to digest?
  3. Define ingestion and egestion.
  4. Which part of the digestive canal is involved in:
    1. Absorption of food
    1. Chewing of food
    2. Killing of bacteria
    3. Complete digestion of food
    4. Formation of faeces
  1. Write down the following of ORS.  

Science VII C

Mrs.Hema.C.N, PGT(Comp.Sc)

Date of submission: 27 June 2011


1. Which organ produces  bile juice? Which component of the food does it digest? Where is it stored?

2. What are Villi? what is their function?

3. Why human beings cannot digest cellulose like the cattles do?

4. How the food is digested in our stomach?

5. What is the role of large intestine.

6. How pseudopodia helps in capturing of food in amoeba?

7. Draw the diagram of amoeba and label the parts.

8. The partially digested food in grass eating animals is stored in a sac like structure called_________

9. The bacteria that digets cellulose lives in ________________

10.The foodpipe is otherwise known as_________________

English VII A,B,C,D

Mrs. K.A Salina Bloson

Mrs. Clotilda

Date of  submission:29-6-11

Select any two from the following:

1.Write a paragraph on the School sports day.                                                                                

2.Collect 8 Know your English news item from the news paper and paste it .

3.Draft ten days’ of  personal diary entry and record it in your notebook.

4. Read an adventure story and make  My Dictionary with about 30 words, phrases and idioms used in it.

        PROJECT (any two)

  1. Read and write the summary of three stories written by LeoTolstoy.
  2. Collect 6-8 poems written on animals,birds,flowers etc

.   3.Collect information on the life of any insect other than the ant.


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