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EVS, English, Maths, Hindi-Class IV

Date of submission 15/10/2008




  1. Locate the following states in the political map of India.
    1. Uttaranchal
    2. Kerala
    3. Tamil Nadu
    4. Bihar
  1. Collect the pictures of some common flowers and write their names.
  1. Write the uses of flowers.

4. Draw a flower and label the parts

Class IV

SUBJECT: English (Mrs.Rachel Thomas)


Add apostrophe (‘) in the correct place.

1) Suresh was chasing Anitas puppy.

2) I went to boys hostel today

3) Manish saw a dogs collar on the road

4) They have seen Shah rukhs movie

5) My friends notebook is in my bag

6) Your cars door is broken

7) She ate Anishas lunch also

8) He fell on Ramas feet

2) Fill in the blanks

  1. I can __________ the __________ from my house(see, sea)
  2. The ____________report will tell us ___________we can go for a picnic tomorrow (whether. weather)
  3. Please sit __________you will be able to ___________the speech better.(hear,here)
  4. Here is a ___________of advice “Work hard for world __________.(piece/peace)
  5. He ____________the ball so hard that the ball went _________the net(through,threw)


  1. anuja sarkar says:

    very useful……….

  2. Sundarsubbuss says:

    an excellent attempt and highly beneficial to all students. Hats off to your attempt.

  3. Name Sunil Sharma says:

    You are requested that please send the syllabus of the PGT Screening test HINDI and Sanakrit
    on the following e-mail account


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