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Physics IX


Date 4th May to 21st June2009



1. Read NCERT Text book Chapters

1. Motion

2. Force & Laws of Motion

3. Gravitation

4. Work and Energy

5. Sound

2 Search Net to get additional information for the above topics. Try to understand more about the scientist mentioned in these chapters.

3 Try to prepare power point presentation to illustrate certain concepts in the above chapters.

4 Buy a graph book and learn the method of plotting graphs. Identify the terms axis, quadrant, area under the graph, Co- ordinates, Scales Etc.

5. Plan for projects for science exhibitions based on your previous experiences.


Utilise the time effectively to generate interest in science learning.Remeber that the information in your science lessons are the foundation for learning science at higher level. It will be helpful for entrance examinations too.

Wish you happy holidays.


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