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Accountancy XII


Holiday Homework

Mrs. R. John, PGT (Comm.)

Date of submission : 22/06/2009

    1. What are not for profit organizations? State its features.
    2. What is meant by receipts and payments A/c? How does it differ from income and expenditure A/c.
    3. Briefly explain the meaning of :-

      (a)Subscription, (b) Entrance fee, (c) Legacies,

      (d)Life membership fee, (e) Donation.

    1. Define partnership? State its features.
    2. What is partnership deed? State its contents.
    3. What is goodwill? State the factors affecting goodwill.
    4. What is a company? State its features.
    5. Explain different types of companies.
    6. What is share capital? State its clauses.
    7. What is a debenture? Explain types of debentures.
    8. Differentiate between share and debenture.
    9. practical problems:-

      NCERT textbook page no. 56 Q. no. 10,

                                   Page no. 58 Q. no. 12.


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