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Maths VIII

Holiday Homework

Mr. K. K. Gopi, TGT(Maths)

Date of submission: 22/06/2009


1.What should be added to twice the rational number -7∕3 to get 3∕7 ?

2.The perimeter of a rectangle is 13 cm and its width is 2 3∕4cm.find its length.

3.The present age of Sahil’s mother is three times the present age of Sahil.After five years their ages will add to 66years .Find their present ages.

4.Rahul has three times as many two rupee coins as he has 5 rupee coins .If he has in all a sum of Rs 77,how many coins of each denomination does he have ?

5.The sum of three consecutive multiples of 11is 363.Find thse multiples.

6.The difference between two whole numbers is 66.The ratio of the two numbers is 2:5.What are the two numbers.

7.Devika has a total of Rs 590 as currency notes in denominatin of Rs50,Rs20and Rs10.The ratio of the number of Rs50 notes and Rs 20 notes is 3:5.If she has a total of 25 notes how many notes of each denomination she has.


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