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Economics XI A,D


Mr. Rekha Rajan K. PGT (ECO)

Date of submission: 20.07.2009

Unit I

Chapter 2

Topic –Indian Economy 1950-1990

  1. Discuss the changes in technology used for :
    1. production of food grains
    2. packaging of products
    3. mass communication
    4. production of textiles
  1. Explain growth with equity as an objective of plans.
  2. Collect news paper cuttings related to the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, G7,G8,G10 countries, European Union etc.,.  Discuss the views shared by the developed and developing countries on farm subsidies.
  3. Discuss about industrial sickness in India and suggest measures to solve it.
  4. What do you meant by “Permit License Raj”

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