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Mrs.Adeline M. Jaqueline

HW  – 10    Date 22/07/2009

Write 5 methods that food can be preserved for some time. Give at least 2 example of each.

HW  – 11    Date 25/07/2009

Food gets spoiled due to many reasons. Encircle the reasons which you think are correct.

Air    Moisture   Drying

Freezing   Temperature   Microorganisms

Cooking   Boiling   Canning

HW  – 12   Date 29/07/2009

Draw the picture of different stages of germination of seeds.

HW  – 13    Date 1/08/2009

Give reasons for-

    1. Seeds kept in an air-tight container do not sprout.


    1. Seeds kept in the refrigerator do not sprout.


    1. Farmers leave space while sowing seeds.



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