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Business Studies XII



Mr. R. John, PGT(Commerce)

Answer all the questions

    1. What are the three levels of management     

    2. Write any two components included in the nature of management  

    3. How many management principles have been propounded by Henry Fayol 

    4. Which principle of management is violated if an employee is asked to receive orders from two superiors?        

    5. State the objectives of management       

    6. Define scientific management?      

    7. State any three characteristics of management    

    8. Why is management regarded as a science?     

    9. Why did Fayol introduce the concept of ‘Gang plank’ in relation to the principle of scalar chain?          

    10. State any four functions of lower level management    

    11. Explain in brief any four significance of Principles of management  

    12. Explain the Importance of management in modern business  

    13. State the techniques of scientific management? Explain any two?  

    14. Briefly explain the functions of management ?    

    15. “Management  has not yet gained the status of a full-fledged profession “Why?            


    What is coordination? Explain the importance of coordination?

  1. What is a management Principle? Explain the nature of management principles? Or

Explain the following principles of Fayol

    1. Unity of Direction
    2. Order
    3. Esprit de Corps

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