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English IV A

Mrs. Sreeja S. Kumar


Homework No. 11

I Write a word for the following.(From the lesson, ‘The Little Fir Tree’.

1. A precious metal. – – – –

2. Breakable substance. – – – – –

3. Take away secretly. – – – – –

II. Pick out words that mean the following.

(a) wizard –

(b) beautiful –

(c) desires –

(d) fulfilled –

(e) in place –

(f) shining –

(g) damaged –

Homework No. 12

Illustration of the poem, "Run".

Homework No. 13

(a) Write 10 words having the combination ‘ea’

(b) Write 10 words having the combination "ee".

Homework No. 14

Find out synonyms for the following words from the poem, "Run".

(a) far   (b) town   (c) village    (d) rain    (e) wind   (f) street   (g) side of the hill   (h) enjoy

(i) green field   (j) move very fast.

Homework No. 15

Write the words and learn the spellings.

chatting,  archery,  string,  bang,  target,  defeat,  amazement,  triumphantly,

boast,  skill,  immediately,  shoot,  arrow,  certainly,  guard,  agape.

Homework No. 16

Pick out 15 nouns from the lesson, " Nasruddin’s Aim".

Homework No. 17

Draw the pictures given on page No. 52 and write 5 sentences using ‘and’ or ‘but’. 


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