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English III A

Mrs.Elizebeth Varghese

Home Work No. 7

Home Work No. 8 for 23/09/09

  1. Write two describing words from the lesson “The Enormous Turnip”
  2. Stick pictures of 8 vegetables that you eat. Write their names.

I . Choose the right word and fill in the blanks:

    [brush, bought, heard, saw, went]

  1. I __________ a new bicycle last week
  2. I __________ her sing yesterday.
  3. I __________ my teeth everyday.
  4. He _________ out five minutes ago.
  5. I ___________ an elephant in the morning

II Stick pictures of 5 different types of fish. Write their names.

Also stick pictures of 5 other animals that live in water. Write their names.


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