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Biotechnology XII E

Ms.Anu Vijayan (PGT-Biotech)

Date of submission: 20.07.09

Chapter:Protein engineering

  1. What is subtilisin ?
  2. What is proteome ?
  3. What is proteomics ?
  4. What is Biological value of  protein ?
  5. What is structural proteomics ?
  6. How can changes be incorporated in to a protein ?


Date of submission: 24.09.09

Chapter:Protein engineering

  1. Give an account of
    1. Therapeutic proteins
    2. Nutraceutical proteins
    3. Non Catalytic functional proteins
  2. What are essential amino acids?
  3. What is PER?
  4. Name the steps involved in protein engineering ?

Date of submission: 29.09.09                     

Chapter:Protein engineering     

  1. Name one dye commonly used to stain the protein?
  2. Name the protein to be sequenced first?
  3. What is sickle cell anaemia ?
  4. What is thalassaemia ?
  5. Who developed first the protein sequencing method ?
  6. What is probiotics ?


Date of submission: 06.10.09  

Chapter:Protein engineering

1.Explain the structural function relationship in proteins with reference to Chymotrypsin ?

2What is the principle of 2 D electrophoresis?

    3.Indicate four general precautions to be observed for maximum stability during purification?

  1. What is mass spectrometry?
  2. Indicate three important non covalent forces which contribute to protein folding and explain how they arise?
  3. The relationship between the number of genes and the number of proteins is nonlinear. Explain the above statement?


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