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Business Studies XII

Mr. John R, PGT (Comm)

Date of submission: 5/10/2009


Answer all the questions

  1. Which function of management is considered as the basis of all other


    2. Which limitation of planning suggests that the employees stop thinking  and follow the plan strictly?                    

    3. Name the concept which reduces the work load of a manager.                 

    4. Enumerate any six characteristics of planning?                                         

    5. Define the term ‘Organizing’ and enumerate the steps involved in the

         Process of Organizing?                  

    6. What is formal organization? How does it differ from informal organization?                

    7. Why is planning necessary for effective management? Give 5 reasons.   

    8. Explain the process of planning?                    

    9.    Explain the reasons why an organization would choose to be decentralized?

    10. What is business environment? Explain its importance?

    11. Explain various dimensions of business environment?

    12. Distinguish between delegation and decentralization?

    13. Explain the economic environment in India?

    14. Explain the impact of Government Policy Changes on Business and Industry?

    15. Write short notes on:

      a) Liberalisation

      b)  Privatisation

      c) Globalisation


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