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Biology, XII


Mrs. Sarala N, PGT, Bio

Date of submission-7.4.10


H W No.1

Q.No.1.Differntiate between (a) asexual& sexual reproduction(b)juvenile phase & vegetative phase (c)menstrual cycle & oestrous cycle(d) zoospore & zygote(e) monoecious& dioecious.

         2.What are vegetative propogules? Give exs.

         3.Which is the better mode of reproduction? Sexual or asexual? Why?

         4.What are the events in sexual reproduction? Explain.

         5.Offsprings of oviparous animals are at a greater risk than that of viviparous animals.Why?

         6.What is parthenogenesis?Give ex.

         7.Describe various modes of asexual reproduction in organisms


H W No.2

Date of submission.12.4.10

1.With the help of diagram explain structure of microspore.

2.With the help of diagram explain the structure of anther.

3.With the help of diagram explain the structure of ovule.

4.With the help of diagram explain the devpt. of embryosac or female gametophyte.

5.With the help of diagram explain devpt. of embryo in dicots.

6.What is double fertilisation?

7. Differentiate bet,(a) albuminous & nonalbuminous seed (b)true fruit & false fruit.


H W No.3

Date of submission-19.4.10

CBSE Question paper 2010

1.How are seeds advantageous to flowering plants?

2.Mention a charecteristic feature and function of zoospore in some algae.

3.Mention the site where syngamy occure in amphibians and reptiles

4. Offsprings derived by asexual reproduction are also called clones. Justify giving two reasons.

5.Write the charecteistic feature of anther, pollen and stigma of wind pollinated flowers.

6.Describe the sequence of events that leads to the devpt. of a 3 celled pollengrain from pollen mother cell in angeosperm.


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