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Mrs. Sreeja S. Kumar

Sl. No. Date Questions / Activity
1 7/4/10 Paste pictures of members of your family.
2 9/4/10 Draw the picture of a baby.
3 19/4/10 Draw a family tree.
4 22/4/10 Draw the picture of a hut, a bungalow and your house.
5 24/4/10 Mark the states of India in the outline map of India.
6 23/6/10 Give a word for : –

1) Big, high rise buildings. (           )

2) Part of the house where food is cooked.(             )

3) A person who works with wood. (         )

4) A person who lays pipes and fits the tap. (           )

5) A person who lays bricks and makes houses. (             )

7 1/7/10 Mark the states Gujarat and Kerala in the outline map of India.
8 7/7/10 Fill in the blanks : –

1) Radha’s family had to cancel their ______________.

2) As soon as we had reached the station,we checked our names on the ________.

3) Soon the train reached the __________________.

4) The train started early in the morning from Gandhidham in ______________.

5) By the time the train started, most people had arranged their __________.

6) When the train is at a high speed, things outside seem to be running in the ____________ direction.

9 8/7/10 Draw a scene at the railway station.

Paste pictures of Ticket Collector, Guard, Porter, Security, Station Master, Sweeper, Booking  clerk, & Station master.

10 14/7/10 Paste pictures of bridges and tunnels.

Write the names of some rivers in Kerala.

11 4/8/10 Paste pictures of different kinds of vehicles,
12 11/8/10 Draw pictures of pulley, trolley, jugad

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