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Computer science XII B,C


Mrs. Suni Abraham, PGT(CS)

1.What are DDL and DML Commands.

2. Write SQL commands on the basis of the table Student given below.

Studno Class Name Game Grade Supw grade
10 7 Sameer Cricket B Photography A
11 8 Sujit Tennis A Gardening C
12 7 Kamal Swimming B Photography B
13 7 Veena Tennis C Cooking A
14 9 Archana Basket ball A Literature A
15 10 arpit criket A gardening C


1)Display the names of the students who are getting a grade ‘C’ in either GAME or SUPW.

2) Display the number of students getting   grade ‘A’ in cricket.

3)Display the different games offered in the school.

4)Display the SUPW  taken up by the srudent whose name start with ‘A’

5)Add a new column named  ‘mark’.


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