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Informatics Practices XII A

Mrs. Hema.C.N

Date of submission : 25.10.10

    1. Explain the term JDBC and JDBC Driver Manager.
    2. What is the difference between executeQuery( ) and executeUpdate( ) commands.
    3. What do you mean by Resultset object? Explain the following resultset methods.

      1.  first()  2. previous()  3. last()   4. relative(int rows)   5. absolute(int n)

    1. Name two usable methods for DefaultTableModel.
    2. Which control is used for adding a menu item to the menu bar.
    3. If you want to cancel some of the changes you made to the database, which command will you use?
    4. Why Grant command is used?
    5. Explain Natural join, Cartesian product, Equi join and Non equi join.
    6. Differentiate Web Server and a Web Browser.
    7. What is the purpose of basefont.

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