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Date of submission: 03/01/2011

Sub. Teachers : Sreeja S. Kumar, Adelene J., Beena C. Sheeba John.

1. Ask a green grocer the prices of vegetables. Make a list of vegetables and their prices per kilogram.

2. Make a list and draw pictures of: –

( a ) vegetables that can be eaten raw.

( b ) Leafy vegetables.

( c ) Vegetables that are grown underground.

( d ) Vegetables that are grown from seeds.

( e ) Vegetables that are not grown from seeds.

3. In the given outline map of India, mark the following states – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Assam, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Utharanchal, Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar.

( Do in foolscap papers and submit on 03/01/2011. )


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