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Maths VII

Date of submission 4-1-2011

Mrs.Tessy Jimmy


1.A shopkeeper bought a chair for Rs 375 and sold it for Rs 400.Find the gain percentage.
2.Cost of an item is Rs 50.It was sold with a profit of 12%.Find the selling price.
3.An article was sold for Rs 250 with a profit of 5% .What was its cost price?
4.An item was sold for Rs 540 at a loss of 5%.What was its cost price?
5.You have Rs 2400 in your account and the interest rate is 5%.After how many years would you earn Rs 240 as interest.
6.On a certain sum of interest paid after 3years is Rs 450 at 5% rate of interest per annum.Find the sum.

7.Find (i) -3/5 x 7

  (ii) -6/5 x (-2)
(i) -3/4 x 1/7
(ii)2/3 x -5/9
9.What will be the additive inverse of -3/9, -9/11, 5/7.
10.Identify the coefficients of the terms of the following expression
     4x-3y, a+b+5, 2y+5, 2xy


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