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Biology XI


Date of submission-03.01.2011

Mrs.Sarala N, PGT(Bio)

Q.No.1.What is PEP? Where is it produced and what is it’s role in biosynthetic process?

           2.Differentiate between PS I & PS II.

           3. What is photo phosphorylation?  Explain it’s two types with schematic diagram.

            4.What is RuBISCO? Explain it’s dual role.

             5.Where does Calvin cycle take place? Explain the cycle.

             6. (a)Explain the mechanism of C4  pathway

                  (b)Name any two plants in which it takes place.

                  ©Mention the difference in the structure of chloroplast  in mesophyll & bundle Sheath cells of these plants

7.How does oxidativephosphorylation differ from photophosphorylation.

8.Explain major steps in Kreb’s cycle .Why it is called Citric acid cycle?

9.Where dos the ETS operate in mitochondria?Which is the terminal electron acceptor in this process?

10.Define RQ. With the help of chemical equation find out RQ of carbohydrate.


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