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Business Studies, Model QP, XII


Mr. R. Rajan, PGT(Commerce)

BUSINESS STUDIES – XII                                Max. Marks    100

Time  3 Hrs.

General Instructions

  1. Answer to questions carrying one mark may be from one word to one sentence.
  2. Answer to questions carrying 3 marks may be from 50 to 75 words.
  3. Answer to questions carrying 4 to 5 marks may be about 150 words.
  4. Answer to questions carrying 6 marks may from 200 words.
  5. Attempt all parts of a question together.

1)  What is ‘Espirit De Corps’?       1

2)  Which concept of marketing holds that the task of any organization is to

     identify the needs and wants of the target market?    1

3)  What are the different objectives of management?    1

4)  List any two management principles of Fayol     1

5)  A quantitative statement for a definite future period of time for the purpose

     of obtaining a given objective is called  as      1

6)  List out two limitations of controlling      1

7)  What is a brand?         1

8)  Give an example for zero level channel of distribution.    1

9)  The activities involved in managing an enterprise are common to all

      organization whether economic, social or political. Which management

      characteristic is highlighted here ?      1

10)  Write any two functions of packaging ?      1

11)   What is ‘Grape Vine’ Network?       3

12)   Differentiate between policy and procedure     3

13)  List out the impacts of Govt. policy changes on business and industry.  3

14)  What are the different factors that affect the working capital requirement?    3

15) State the three divisions involved in financial management.   3

16)  Why does planning sometimes fail in spite of the best efforts of management? 4

17)  How does informal organization support the formal organization?  4

18)  Why are internal sources of recruitment considered to be more economical?      4

19)  What are the objectives of SEBI ?       4

  1. Define primary market. Describe any two methods of using securities in

       in primary market.         4

21)  Management is considered as an art as well as science – comment.   5

22)  Why did FAYOL find it necessary to introduce the concept of ‘gang plank’

       in relation to the principal of scalar chain?  Give justification.   5

23)  What are the different steps in controlling process?    5

24)  Marketing mix consists of various elements.  Explain.    5

25)  What are the characteristics of a good brand name?       5

26)  How is a functional structure different from a divisional structure?      6                                             OR

       ‘Delegation of authority’ is necessary for all types of organizations-Explain

        any 4 reasons to support your answer.

27)  What are the various methods of training-Explain     6


       Define staffing process and the various steps involved in it. 

28) Explain about the various elements of direction.     6


       Explain ‘Maslow’s need of hierarchy theory”

  1. ‘Capital structure decision is essentially optimization of risk-return

       relationship’-   comment.        6


    Financial Planning is indispensable to every business organization.  Comment

       on the statement giving reasons in brief to support your answer.

30)  Explain the right and responsibilities of a consumer.    6


    Explain the role of consumer organizations and NGOs in protecting and

       promoting consumer interests.


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