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Biotechnology XII E

Mrs.Anu Vijayan                

DATE OF SUBMISSION:29.6.2011         


1. Define vectors.Mention the properties of vectors.

2. Differentiate shuttle vectors and expression vectors.

3.In a forensic report concerning two blood groups obtained from two

     different locations of a murder site, the police came to the the conclusion that

     they belonged to two different persons. Demonstrate the methodology adopted

     by forensic experts

4   Draw the structures of dNTP and ddNTP.

5. What is SDM? Mention its application in genomics.

6. Define a) probe b) primer

7.Explain chain termination method of DNA sequencing.

8.What is PCR? List the applications of PCR.

9.What is advantage of cDNA library over genomic library.

10.Why E coli is not preferred as host for the production of a eukaryotic protein?


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