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Science VII C

Mrs.Hema.C.N, PGT(Comp.Sc)

Date of submission: 27 June 2011


1. Which organ produces  bile juice? Which component of the food does it digest? Where is it stored?

2. What are Villi? what is their function?

3. Why human beings cannot digest cellulose like the cattles do?

4. How the food is digested in our stomach?

5. What is the role of large intestine.

6. How pseudopodia helps in capturing of food in amoeba?

7. Draw the diagram of amoeba and label the parts.

8. The partially digested food in grass eating animals is stored in a sac like structure called_________

9. The bacteria that digets cellulose lives in ________________

10.The foodpipe is otherwise known as_________________


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