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Science XD

Date of submission: 27 / 6 / 2011

Mrs.Usha Devi (TGT Bio)


  1. What is meant by exothermic and endothermic reactions? Explain with examples.
  2. When a green iron salt is heated strongly, its colour finally changes to brown and odour of burning sulpher is given out:
    1. Name of iron salt and write its formula.
    1. Name the brown substance obtained and write its formula.
    2. Which product gives the odour of burning sulpher? Write its formula.
    3. Write the chemical equation of the reaction involved.
    4. Name the type of chemical reaction which takes place during the heating of iron salt.
  1. Explain the term ‘corrosion’ with an example.what damage is caused by the corrosion of iron? How can corrosion of iron be prevented?
  1. Explain the term ‘rancidity’ with an example. How can rancidity be prevented?
  2. What is a balanced chemical equation? Explain with the help of an example. Why should chemical equations be balanced? 

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