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Informatics Practices XII A,D

Mrs.Hema.C.N, PGT (CS)

Date of submission: 28 June 2011


[1] What do you mean by Computer Network?

[2] How computer network leads to increase productivity, cast saving and time saving?

[3]What do you mean by the term Servers? Name different types of servers.

[4] What is meant by communication channels? Give two examples of guided media and two examples of unguided media.

[5]Expand the terms: UTP Cable and STP Cable and also compare them.

[6] ABC organization wants to set up LAN in their organization within building. They want  Data transfer rate more than 1 Gbps  and with less expansive network cable. Can you suggest which cable is most suitable for them?

[7] Which of the cable has very large Data transfer range and fast transfer rate?

     a. Optical Fiber b. UTP cable  c. Ethernet cable  d. Coaxial Cable

[8] Which of the following is used for wireless communication?

     a. Optical Fiber b. UTP cable    c. Radio Waves d. Coaxial Cable

[9] Which of the following is not a transmission medium?

a. Telephone Network  b. Coaxial Cable  c. Modem   d. Microwaves

[10] Identify the topologies used for the following.                    

       (1) In it the nodes form a circular path for data to travel and each node is connected to two other  nodes.

      (2) Each node is connected on single transmission cable and data transmit from one   end to other end.


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