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Biology XII

Answer the following Questions
1. Draw labeled diagrams of
a) L.S. of ovule
b) T.S. of anther
c) 7 celled / 8 nucleated embryo sac
d)Dicot embryo
e) Monocot seed
f) Blastocyst
g) Mammalian sperm
h) Mammalian ovum
i) T.S. of anther
j) L.S. of ovary
2. Describe the structure of mammary gland in human female
3. Study the flow charts given below and name the hormone produced at
each stage. Write their functions.
Pituitary gland
Pituitary gland
4. With schematic diagram explain spermatogenesis & oogenesis
5. With the help of diagram explain embryonic development in human
6. What are the two functions of placenta.
7. Write the functions of following.
  a) Corpus luteum
  B) Endometrium
c)  Acrosome
d) fimbriae
1.How are seeds advantageous to flowering plants?
2.Mention a charecteristic feature and function of zoospore in some algae.
3.Mention the site where syngamy occure in amphibians and reptiles
4. Offsprings derived by asexual reproduction are also called clones.
Justify giving two reasons.
5.Write the charecteistic feature of anther, pollen and stigma of wind
pollinated flowers.
6.Describe the sequence of events that leads to the devpt. of a 3
celled pollengrain from pollen mother cell in angeosperm.
Solve all the questions  of board question paper 2013 from the completed chapters .

Ms Sarala N,PGT (Bio)
Date of submission –Reopening day


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