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Computer Science XII


 1.       Write a program to input characters and change their case(From uppercase to lowercase or vice-versa).

2.       What do you mean by function prototyping?  Write down the advantages of function prototypes in C++.

3.       Write a C++ program to sum the sequence

x- x2/2!+x4/4!-x6/6!+x8/8!—-

4.       What is an object? What is a class? How is an object different from a class?

5.       What is the major limitation of default arguments?

6.       Write a C++ program using classes and objects to simulate result preparation system for 20 students.  The data available for each classes and objects to simulate result preparation system for 20 students.  The data available for each includes rollno, name, marks in 3 subjects.  The percentage marks and grade are to be calculated from the above information.  The percentage marks are the average marks and the grade is calculated as follows:


Percentage marks                           grade

<50                                                         ‘F’

>=50  <60                                             ‘D’

>=60  <75                                             ‘C’

>=75 <90                                              ‘B’

>=90 <100                                           ‘A’

7.  What is the significance of Scope resolution operator?

8.  Define a class employee with the following specifications:

                Private members

                empno                 int

                ename                  20 char

                basic,hr,da          float

                netpay                  float

                calculate()           A function to find basic+hra+da with float return type



Havedata()         function to accept values for empno, ename,basic, hra,da and invoke calculate() to calculate netpay

Dispdata()           function to display all the data members on the screen.


9.  When do we declare a member of a class static?  How are static members different from

non staticmembers of a class?

10.  What are the differences between a data type struct and data type class in C++?

Ms Saritha

Date of Submission: 25/06/2013


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