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English, VI A, B, C, D

Chapter : How the dog found himself a master A house, A Home         


Home work:


·       Make a list of twenty collective nouns with suitable, colourful pictures.

·         Write a paragraph on ‘My Home’
INPUTS : Short description of home (whether old/new)

o   Whether singe storeyed/double storeyed
Number of rooms
Whether there is a garden
The members of the house
Do they help, love each other? 
Whom do you like best?

o   Do you like your home?

Date of submission: 28/4/13


Ms Jayalakshmi L (TGT Eng)

Ms Salina Blosson (TGT Eng)

Mr Rajan K (TGT Eng)

Ms Clottilda Roach (TGT Eng)


1 Comment

  1. Vishwa Asokan says:

    English Homeworks are very simple and easy.
    Thanks for providing good and simply homeworks.
    Student of Mr. rajan-6th D

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