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Informatics Practices, XII


1.         What do you mean by the term Servers? Name different types of servers

     2. Which of the cable has very large Data transfer range and fast transfer rate?

               a. Optical Fiber   b. UTP cable  c. Ethernet cable  d. Coaxial Cable

     3. Which of the following is not a transmission medium?

          a. Telephone Network  b. Coaxial Cable  c. Modem   d. Microwaves

     4. Identify the topologies used for the following.                                                              

       (1) In it the nodes form a circular path for data to travel and each node is connected  

         to two other  nodes.

      (2) Each node is connected on single transmission cable and data transmit from one  

         end to other end.

   5. What type of address is the following? Define it? To which device it is attached to?

          20 : B9 : F1 : 63 : 2F : FB      

   6. Differentiate Free software and freeware.


7. Mr. Madhav works in a construction company. To calculate total wages he has developed the following GUI in NetBeans.




Male and female labourers  are respectively paid Rs. 150/- per day and  Rs. 170/- per day. Skilled labourers are paid extra at the rate of Rs. 100/- day. Male and female labourers from rural areas are paid 10% less per day.

       I.      Write the code to lock the text box.( text box for total wages should not take input)

    II.      Write code to do the following-

a)      When Calculate Wage button is clicked, the total wages is calculated as per the given criteria and displayed in total wage text box.

b)      When Clear button is clicked, all the text boxes should be cleared and radio button, check box should be deselected.

c)                 Close the application when Quit button is pressed


Submission Date: 26-06-2013

Teacher’s Name:Hema.C.N


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