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Physics X B, D

Q-1 State different types of electricity.

Q-2 what are conductors and insulators of electricity? Give examples.

Q-3 Define current. What is the magnitude and unit of current?

Q-4 What do you understand by electric potential?

Q-5 How much energy is given to each Coulomb of charge passing through 6V battery?

Q-6 Show the symbols for: (a) a battery (b) a fixed resistance (c) ammeter (d) an open switch

Q-7 The filament of an electric bulb draws a current of 0.5 ampere. Calculate the amount of charge, if bulb lights for 2.5 hours.

Q-8 Describe Ohm’s experiment to find the relation between potential difference (V) and current (I).

Q-9 What are the limitations of Ohm’s law?

Q-10 What is resistance? Write its unit.

Q-11 State the factors on which resistance of a wire depends.

Q-12 Define resistivity. What is the unit of resistivity?

Q-13 State the types of combinations of different resistances where more than one resistances are used for each combination.

Q-14 (1) Draw a schematic diagram of a circuit consisting of a battery of five 2V cells, a 5 Ohm resistor, a 10 Ohm resistor and a plug key, all connected in series.

(2) Calculate the electric current passing through the above circuit when the key is closed.

Q-15 Two resistances when connected in series their resultant resistance is 10 ohm, but when they are connected in parallel their resultant resistance is 2.4 ohms. Find the values of each resistance separately.

Q-16 How can three resistors of resistances 2Ω, 3Ω and 6Ω be connected to give a total resistance of 1Ω?

Date of submission 01/04/2013


Ms Prabhjot Kaur, PGT Physics


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