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Ms Sreeja S. Kumar, PRT

Ms Gurucharan Kour, PRT

Ms Nunnu  Michael, PRT

Ms Adeline, PRT


Date of submission : 23rd June, 2014


1. Using colour paper, make the cut-out of a tree and paste in the scrap book. Paste pictures of animals/birds/insects that live on the tree.

2. Paste pictures of:

(a) 5 birds

(b) 5 insects

(c) 5 reptiles

(d) 5 animals that walk and run

3. Observe nature, write the names and paste pictures of:

(i) 5 trees near your house

(ii) 5 flowering plants

(iii) 5 medicinal plants

(iv) 5 vegetable plants

4. Write the names of some plants which can be identified by their smell.

5. Using dry leaves make the shapes of animals, birds or insects. Paste them in the scrap book.


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