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Maths IV (S-II)


Ms Indu K. S.

Date of submission: 23/06/2014



I Find the following

a) 30087 + 3005

b) 10000 – 889

c) 37 x 8

d) 25 x 25

e) 81 ÷ 9

II The cost of thousand bricks is Rs 2400.Find the cost of

a) 500 bricks

b) 2000 bricks

c) 3000 bricks

d) 5000 bricks

III The cost of one brick is Rs 12. Find the cost of

a) 100 bricks

b) 200 bricks

c) 500 bricks

d) 1000 bricks

1V Learn by heart the muiltiplication table from 2to 10


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