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Maths VI A, B, C (S-II)


Mr Sivakumar B., TGT (Maths)

Date of submission: 23 June 2014

1. Rewrite in ascending order : 1010011, 110101, 111001, 1000101, 1010101.

2. Using the digits 1, 2, 0 and 5 only once, make

(i) The largest number of 4 digits keeping 2 at one’s place.

(ii) The smallest number of 4 digitsm keeping 1 at ten’s place.

3. Read and write using commas Indian System of Numeration.

(i) 12345678 (ii) 7850016

4. Write down your father’s/ mother’s mobile phone number. Rewrite it using commas according to

International System of Numeration.

5. Rewrite the following numbers in figures

(i) Five crores five lakh thirty six thousand seven.

(ii) Thirty nine lakh forty thousand thirty eight.

(iii) Forty eight million four hundred twenty five thousand one hundred nine.

6. A medicine is packed in boxes each weighing 4 kg 500g. How many such boxes can be loaded in a

van which cannot carry more than 800 kg ?

7. The mass of a brick is 2kg 750g. What is the total mass of 14 such.

8. A man had Rs. 6,75,310 with him. He gave 2,15,000 to his wife, Rs 3,18,520 to his son and the

remaining to his daughter. How much money was received by the daughter ?

Who got maximum amount ?

9. Estimate the sum 5130 + 1460

(i) nearest hundred (ii) nearest thousand.

10. Estimate the difference 47005 – 9488 nearest thousand.

11. Estimate the following products using general rule

(i) 87 × 313 (ii) 8520 × 469

12. Write the Roman Numerals for (i) 73 (ii) 92 (iii) 137

13. Write the Hindu-Arabic Numeral for (i) LXVII (ii) XLIX


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