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Computer Science XII A (S-II)

Mr Baiju Viswanathan, PGT (CS)

Date of submission: 23 June 2014


1.Write the syntax and use of keywords break,continue,goto and exit() function. Explain each with proper examples.

2. What are nested for loops? Write a program to illustrate the use of nested for loop.

3. Write for loop and equivalent while loop for any 5 programming situations.

4. (a)With the multiple definitions of single function name, what makes them different.

(b) Compare default arguments with function overloading.

5. Write a C++ program to input one dimensional integer array and write functions

(i) To find the minimum,maximum, sum and average of elements in the array.

(ii) To search for a particular element in the array.

6. Write program(s) to input a string and

(i) Reverse the string and check if it is a palindrome or not.

(ii) Convert all upper case letters to lower case and vice versa.

7. Solve 2 output questions using random function.

8. Create a structure Book to store the following details :

Book name, Author name, price and date of publishing.

Here date of publishing to be stored as a variable of structure date with members day, month and year. Write a program to accept details of 20 books and also write statements to display all the details .


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