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English IX A, B, C (S-II)


Ms Maneesha R., TGT (Eng)

Ms Sara Philip, TGt (Eng) 

Date of submission: 23 June 2014


1. Refer the dictionary and make a list 30 often misspelt words with its meaning and learn. (in note book)

2. Read and comprehend the first eight chapters of the book ‘THREE MEN IN A BOAT’. Get it ready to discuss in class.

3. Work out first two units (verb forms, determiners) from work book (do in text book). Answers will be discussed in the class.

4. Collection- (cut and paste from any leading English daily). Do in white paper. (letters to editor, editorial, articles, report, notice)

(Any 2 from each. Get familiar with the theme when asked)


5. Mind mapping (first two lessons from Literature Reader) in scrap book.


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