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Chemistry IX A, B, C (S-II)


Ms Shobhanakumari, PGT (Chem)

Date of submission: 23 June 2014






A solution of a substance ‘x’ is used for white washing.

(i) Name of the substance ‘x’ and write it’s formula.

(ii) Write the reaction of the substance ‘x’ named in (i) above with water.

Why is the amount of gas collected in one of the test tube in activity 1.7 (In text book page number-9) double of the amount collected in the other? Name the gas.

Why does the colour of copper sulphate solution change when an iron nail is dipped in it.

Give an example of double displacement reaction other than the one given in activity 1.10 ( in text book page number-11)

Identify the substance that are oxidised and the substance that are reduced in the following reaction


ii) CuO(s)+H2(g) →Cu(s)+H2O(l)

Text book exercises-Chapter 1 all questions


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