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Ms Bindu T.L.



1. What is a source of energy?

2. Name some sources of energy?

3. What are two categories of sources of energy?

4. What is our biggest source of energy?

5. Name two appliances that use solar energy directly.

6. Name two indirect ways of using solar energy?

7. Why are solar heating devices painted black from inside?

8. What is the use of glass sheet in solar heating devices?

9. Name two types of energy which do not relate to the sun?

10. What is bagasse? To what use it put to?

11. How is bio-gas produced?

12. What is coke? What does it contain?

13. Name the product obtained by the fractional distillation of crude oil which is used as a furnace fuel?

14. Name two products obtained during fractional distillation of petroleum which is used as fuel?

15. What is the constituent of petroleum gas?

16. Name the constituent which is found in natural gas as well as bio- gas?

17. What are fossils?

18. What are fossil fuels?

19. Who discovered the first nuclear reaction and when?

20. Which is the abundant isotope of uranium?

21. Name one practical application of nuclear fission?

22. What is the source of energy in nuclear fission and fusion?

23. What is the drawback of energy obtained from fusion?

24. What is a source of energy? What are its essential characteristics?

25. What is the composition of solar energy?

26. What is the cause of ocean thermal energy?

27. What are the advantages of coke over coal?

28. What is gasohol? Where it is used?

29. How is fission caused by U-235?

30. State Einstein’s mass-energy relation, Give the meaning of each symbol which occurs in it?

31. What are renewable and non-renewable sources of energy? Give examples.

32. How are fossil fuels formed?

33. What is LPG? What are its advantages as fuel?

34. What is natural gas? What are its uses?

35. What is hydroelectric power plant? Give advantages of hydel power plants over thermal power and other plants?

36. What is biomass and biomass energy?

37. What is wind? How does it arise? What is wind energy?

38. What is a wind mill? How does it function?

39. What is solar energy? Give 5 aspects of solar energy?

40. Describe a concentrator type solar cooker?

41. What is a solar cell? Why is silicon used to fabricate solar cells?

42. What is a solar cell? Why is silicon used to fabricate solar cells?

43. What is tidal energy? How is it harnessed?

44. What is wave energy? What are its merits and limitations?

45. What is geothermal energy? What are its merits and limitations?


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