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Write the HW in the scrap book.

Date of submission: 02-01-2015

1. How do you help your grandparents? Write 5 sentences.

2. Observe your mother working and make a list of the work that she does at home.

3. Write the names of:

a. Food that we get from plants.

b. Food that we get from animals.

4. What are the steps involved in making pots?

5. Paste pictures of 5 players and write the name of the game.

6. Paste the pictures of:

a. Hut b. Igloo c. Tent d. Houseboat e. Stilt house

7. Paste different means of communication.

a. Post card b. Inland c. Envelope d. Aerogram

8. Paste used stamps.



Mrs.Nunnu Michael




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