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Maths VIII A,B,C,D

1. Evaluate using identities

A} (a2+b2) (-a2+b2)

B} (4x+5)(4x-1)

C} 1022

D} (3x+7)2-84x= (3x-7)2

E} 1532-1472

2. The area of a rhombus is60 cm2.One diagonal is 10 cm. What is the other diagonal?

3. 8 persons can stay in a cubical room. Each person requires 27m3 of air. What is the side of the cube?

4. Write the following numbers in standard form:

I) 0.000000564

ii) 0.0000021

iii) 21600000

iv) 15240000

5. A train travels 60 km in 1 hour. How long will it take to go 150 km?

6. 40 cows can graze a field in 16 days. How many cows will graze the same field in 10 days?


Date of submission: 2 Jan., 2015


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