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Physics X

Date of submission: 5 June 2015 (Shift-II)

Section A

1. Why are conductors different from insulators?

2. Is drift speed of electrons in a conductor carrying current the same as the speed of current?

3. What sets the electrons into motion in an electric field?

4. Why is tungsten metal used for making filaments of incandescent lamps?

5. Which are the metals that are generally used:

(i) in electric circuit and (ii) as transmission lines.

Section B

If I was A refrigerator/incandescent lamp/television,

1. How much electricity do you use in an hour?

2. Approximately how many of you were sold in your locality last year?

3. Assuming you were used one hour per day, every day last year, how much total energy did you use?

4. Assuming the average cost of electricity is Rs 3 per kWh, what was the total cost of energy to operate you in the last year.


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