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Chemistry VIII C


  • Collect the labels from the bottles of jams and jellies. Write down the list of contents printed on the labels.
  • Requirements: 2 test tubes, marker pen, sugar, yeast powder, 2 balloons and lime water.
  • Take 2 test tubes and mark them A and B. Clamp these tubes in a stand and fill them with water leaving some space at the top. Put 2 spoonful of sugar in each of the test tubes. Add a spoonful of yeast in test tube B. Inflate the 2 balloons completely. Now tie the balloons to the mouth of each test tube. Keep them in a warm place away from the sunlight. Watch the set up every day for next 3 to 4 days.
  • Record your observations and think of an explanation.
  • Now take another test tube filled with1/4th   of lime water. Remove the balloon from the test tube B in such a manner that gas inside the balloon does not escape. Fit the balloon on the test tube and shake well.
  • Observe and explain.

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