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Business Studies, XI

Answer all the questions

1) Write two examples for non-economic activities

2) What is business risk?

3) State one limitation of Joint Hindu Family business

4) What are consumer co-operative societies?

5) Differentiate between business and profession

6) Define partnership. State its features

7) What is an industry? State its types

8) State the privileges of a private company.

9) Define commerce. Explain its functions

10) Briefly state any four factors one kept in mind before starting a business

11) State the features of a Joint stock company

12) “One man control is the best in the world if that man is big enough to

manage everything”. Explain the statement.

13) Define Business. Explain the objectives of a business

14) Explain the meaning and features of Joint Hindu Family Business

15. Explain the functions of commercial banks?

16. Explain the principles of insurance?

17. Distinguish between traditional business and e- business.

18. What is business ethics? Explain its elements.

19. Explain long term sources of finance?

20. What is retained earnings? State its merits and demerits.


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