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Business Studies, XII

1.What is the main objective of Time Study?

  1. Why is it said that management principles are universally applicable.
  2. What do you mean by the term ‘business environment’

4. State the principle of ‘order’

5.Give any two benefits of studying Business Environment.

6. List any two advantages of formal organization.


7.What is leadership?

8. Which function of management ensures that actual activities are conform to planned activities. 9. What is formal organization? State its features.

10. How does motivation improve the efficiency of workers in an organization.

11. Explain the nature of principles of management?

12. How is the principle of ‘unity of command’ useful to management? Explain.


13 . What is organizing? State the steps in the process of organizing?


14. Explain the importance of directing as a function of management?

15. Distinguish between delegation and decentralization?


16. Explain semantic barriers to communication?


17. Explain the qualities of a good leader?


18. Explain the steps in the process of controlling?


19. Explain various dimensions of business environment?


20.Explain different financial incentives used to motivate employees of a company?


21. What is communication? Explain importance of communication.


22. What is divisional structure of organization? State its merits and limitations.


23.What is controlling? Explain its importance.


24.Explain the following principles of management:


a)Scalar chain (b)Unity of direction (c)Esprit de corps.

25. Explain the factors affecting capital structure.

26. Explain the factors affecting working capital requirements of a business.

27. Explain money market instruments?

28. Differentiate between primary market and secondary market.




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