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Physics, XI


Answer the following questions in your homework book.

       (date of submission : 04/01/2016)

  • A wire is stretched by a force such that its length becomes double. How will the Young’s modulus of the wire be affected?
  • What is the value of modulus of rigidity of an incompressible liquid?
  • Calculate the percentage increase in the length of a wire of diameter 2mm stretched by a force of 1kg F. Young’s modulus of the material of wire is 15 X 1010Nm-2.
  • The pressure of a medium is changed from 1.01 X pa to 1.165 X  pa and changed in volume is 10% keeping temperature constant. Find the bulk modulus of the medium.
  • Water flows through a horizontal pipe line of varying cross section at the rate of 0.2m3s-1. Calculate the velocity of water at a point where the area of cross section of the pipe is 0.02m2



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