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Computer Science, XII

  1. Differentiate between keywords and identifiers.
  2. What are the Rules for framing identifier names?
  3. Differentiate between implicit and explicit type conversions
  4. What is the effect of absence of break in a switch statement? What is the purpose of default in a switch?
  5. Differentiate between break and continue statements
  6. What is the difference between entry control loop and exit control loop?
  7. Differentiate between local and global variable.
  8. Differentiate between formal parameters and actual parameters of a function.
  9. Differentiate between call by value and call by reference methods of function call.
  10. Differentiate between functions returning values and functions returning reference.
  11. What do you mean by default parameters of a function
  12. Differentiate between a structure and an array.
  13. Explain the initialization of arrays and structures
  14. What is a nested structure?
  15. Explain the purpose of ‘typedef’ command and ‘define ‘preprocessor directive.
  16. Solve Question No. 1(excluding questions on pointers) and Question No. 3(Only the questions related to arrays) from at least 5 Board Papers.

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