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Accountancy, XII


Answer all the questions.

  1. Define partnership?
  2. Briefly explain the characteristics of partnership?
  3. What is partnership deed? State its contents.
  4. Difference between fixed captal and fluctuating capital.
  5. State the points affecting accounts in the absence of partnership deed?
  6. What is profit and loss appropriation account?
  7. What is a company?
  8. Explain the features of a joint stock company?
  9. What is a share? State the types of shares?
  10. What is a preference share? State its types.
  11. Difference betweem share and preference share.
  12. What is a debenture?
  13. Explain the types of debentures.
  14. Difference between share and debenture.

15.Project work – Comprehensive problem.

Visit any business establishment in your locality and collect transactions relating to a particular month/year, from that transactions pass journal entries and prepare ledger accounts, trial balance , trading, profit and loss account and balancesheet.


Date of submission:  31st May 2016.


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