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Biology, XII

Class:XII (Shift-II)

Sub: Biology


  1. Offspring derived by asexual reproduction are called clones.Justify giving two reasons.
  2. Mention a characteristic feature and function of zoospores in some algae.
  3. All papaya plants bear flowers, but fruits are seen only in some.Explain.
  4. Unicellular organisms are immortal, whereas multicellular organisms are not. justify
  5. a) State the difference between meocite and gamete with respect to chromosome number.
  6. b) Why is a whiptail lizard referred to as parthenogenetic?
  1. The cell division involved in gamete formation is not of the same type in different organisms. Justify.
  2. Exercise questions of Chapter 1’Reproduction in Organisms’

III.Invesigatory Project


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