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Science-Inter-disciplinary project-X A, B, C

Class: X A,B,C  (Shift-II)

Sub:Tr.Bindu T L


Energy auditing at home

Steps to be followed:

  1. Make list of all appliances which works on electricity.
  2. under the supervision of parents note down the power of each appliance and the time (duration in hours) for which it is used in a day.
  3. Calculate the energy consumed (E=Power x time)

4 .Calculate the energy consumption for 10 consecutive days in kilo watt hour(kWh)(*see example for calculation)

  1. Note down the initial meter reading and reading after 10 days (strictly under the supervision of parents).The difference in readings will give you the energy consumption in kWh(unit) for 10 days.
  2. Collect electricity bill for the respective month, calculate the energy consumption for 10 days
  3. Compare the three values in step 4,5&6


An electric fan 500W works for 6 hours,a 250W TV set for1hour,a 1200W toaster for 10 minutes and a 600Wmixer for 30minutes in a day.Calculate the daily consumption in kWh

Appliance Power(W) Time(hrs) Energy=Pxt


fan 500 6 3000 3
TV 250 1 250 0.25
toaster 1200 10/60 200 0.2
mxer 600 30/60 300 0.3

Daily consumption of energy=3+0.25+0.2+0.3=3.75kWh or unit

Level 2

Steps to conserve energy at home


Safe disposal of used tube-lights and CFLs


Study of chemicals coated inside tube lights,CFL etc.and its impact on soil, aquatic life and hence on human beings.

Think more………………………………………..

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