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English, XI

  1. An Inter house Carol singing competition is being organized in your school. Draft a notice requesting the house captains to give the names of the participants for the same. Invent the necessary details.You are Gopu/Gopika, school captains ,Tagore Vidya Niketan , Kochi-1.
  2. Frequent outbreak of violence in the school and collages campuses are  regular new items in the media.You feel that the children have forgotten the values of tolerance and forgiveness and there is an urgent need for giving them moral education by parents and teachers.Write an article on ‘Curb Violence Among Students’ in 200 words . You are Vivek / Vidushi , class XI A.
  3. You are the general manager , Cyber Technologies (P) Ltd. Bangalore-10. You have a vacancy for a ‘System Analyst’ in your company. Draft an advertisement for the ‘Situation Vacant’ column of a local daily .
  4. You are Rajiv / Rajasree , 3/1 , Nehru Marg, Coimbatore-5. You saw an advertisement for a System Analyst in the employment news and wish to apply for the same. Send your response along with a details C.V to the general manager , Cyber Technologies (P) Ltd. Bangalore-10.
  5. Write a debate for or against the topic ‘ Entrance exams to be banned for admissions to professional courses ’. You are Devakumar / Devika.
  6. Make a contrasting study of Mr. Crocker Harris and Mr. Frank.

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